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Scented Candles

A witness to many celebrations in the history of mankind, Candles have evolved over the years into an urban essential. Fragrance is its key asset. The importance of aroma/fragrance and it`s significance on body and breath is well known. Check out our entire range of scented candles on this link.

Home Fragrances

We're a leading domestic home fragrance company, providing unique fragrances for sprays, diffusers, personal care products, sachets & more. Home fragrances are home care products that emit aroma to mask unpleasant odor. Moreover, we innovate our products such that fragrances help in relieving stress and reducing fatigue.

Generic Candles

Producer & supplier of some of the most in-demand candles manufactured with rigorous quality standards for wholesalers and distributors to keep the end user happy. State of the art facility to manufacture tealights, votives, pillar and taper candles

Gift & Favors

Creating gifts that resonate in an authentic & meaningful way is the reason we seek out the unique, the one-off and the “just right”.

Our approach to custom giving is one where luxury is in the details. From the smallest features to the overall aesthetic, be it understated or extravagant, we ensure your custom gift or experience is precisely how you envisage.  The joy we receive when a gift has been lovingly received is second to none.

MIDDLEMIST® and Arome® are Sterling Theory associated brands.

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