Soap Shop

Body & Wellness Products

We produce boutique-style hand made soaps and natural body care products. Designed to nourish body and soul; we use skin-loving oilseed butter, aromatherapy essential oils, natural clays and other additives designed to deeply cleanse and help maintain soft, supple and youthful skin.

Goatmilk & Oats, Activated Charcoal, Coffee Bar and Himalayan Salt are our premium products. In addition to this, we also have an array of glycerine bars with basil & nim tree, honey turmeric, and fruit extracts.

Soaps bars are available in rectangular, round, oval and square dimensions. Standard packaging is a wrap of recycled paper with lamination on the inner covering to protect bars from moisture and to retain fragrance for long.


We are primarily a business-to-business enterprise. We work backwards keeping the client's need in the hindsight to create products, creatives and packaging. Call +91 900 821 8975 or email for more information regarding our products & services.