Light it up!

If life seems dull and routine, light a candle. Warmth, passion, and excitement will ensue.

Candles have an extensive range of utility. Used for lighting, home decoration, celebrations, romance and spirituality... Candles have extraordinary energy and power to them, a power that many are not aware of. 

Fragrance is its key asset. The importance of aroma/fragrance and it`s significance on body and breath is well known. Fragrances help us concentrate on the task at hand, and also help us in disconnecting our mind from the outer world. 

Glass Jar Himalayan Magnolia
Honeycomb Mini Cover
Floral Decal Cover
Aromatherapy Cover
Bandhani Fresh Pine Green 2

Sterling theory manufactures and promotes a range of candles including tea-light, pillar, votive, scented, aromatherapy, travel tin, massage candles and a lot more. We constantly innovate and insist on the highest standards for our line of products.

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